Highlands Academy

Our philosophy of life is rooted in the Western tradition and emphasizes community involvement as fundamental to personal growth. At the same time, the power to carry out our purposes in the world is derived from an inner strength that comes from a strong set of values that we have internalized and not from following external rules.

We restore purpose to our lives by seeing ourselves as part of a community working for a better world. We are transformed by adopting a new set of values. For the Christian, this shift of values is called “the divide of the cross” or being “born again.” It is a spiritual transformation and can be accomplished by those outside the Christian tradition, as well.

The end result is a renewed purpose and inner strength that empowers people to care for others and the world around them (the community) in a deep, heartfelt, and natural way. They are freed from the constraints of following a set of rules and live from an inner strength that flows outward in service to the community of which they are a part.

The life of service is not one that isolates us from the world, nor do we shun the joy and happiness of fellowship, recreation, art, and games. In fact, we embrace these aspects of life as important parts of the human experience. To act for the community means to act for our own interests, as well. It calls for a shift from a “me” mentality to one that embraces “us,” as a human community working and playing together to make the world a better place for all.

The Logo

The logo is a green triangle that represents the unity and power of a life devoted to the betterment of the community and environmental harmony. Community is intended to encompass the person, family, friends, neighbors, environment, and the broader world. It is a message of “us” and not of “me.”

Highlands reflects our Scots heritage and is suggestive of the high land that one occupies who follows this kind of life. Academy emphasizes the serious, preparatory, educational nature of the teaching.

Our slogan “Preparing you to make a difference” speaks to those who want to make a difference in their lives, but are not quite sure how to go about it. Together, it conveys a teaching program that will prepare students to make a difference through a life that is effective in meeting the needs of the community.

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