American Values

The mission of Highlands Academy is to prepare young people and adults in transition to make a difference in the world by teaching them how to build a life of meaning and purpose grounded in a solid value system that focuses attention on our common humanity.

The values we teach are not unique to Americans, but do reflect the American perspective on life. They are the values upon which our country was founded: the values of an “ideal America;” the values we believe Americans have cherished; the values that, at one time, were taught to children in the schools. They are the values we want to see America follow again.

What are these values on which we may build a life of meaning and purpose? The colonial and pioneer founders of America stressed the virtues of resolution, industry and confidence and the values of concern for each other and the desire to build a better world.

These are the virtues and values I hope to live by and pass on to my children and grandchildren. They identify us as Americans, no matter what might be our cultural and educational background. A strong value system gives meaning and purpose to our lives and enables us to achieve the American dream of a better future for all.

Three themes arise out of our mission. The first stresses the importance of living a life rooted in a strong value system. The second requires us to nurture a loving and peaceful relationship with each other. The third is to understand and face the world as it is, with the determination to make a difference in our communities and to care for the earth, which is our common home.

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